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Are you in need of a skilled freelance translator? Your search ends here!

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Are you in need of a skilled freelance translator? Your search ends here! With over 20 years of experience and a vast portfolio of several millions of translated words, I offer top-notch English to Slovak and Slovak to English translation services. As a professional translator, I guarantee accurate and culturally appropriate translations for all your requirements. Don't hesitate to reach out to me today for a personalized quote. Let my expertise bridge the language gap and help you effectively communicate across languages. Together, we can ensure your message is conveyed flawlessly. My expertise extends to medical, legal, life sciences, business, social work and more. With a strong focus on accuracy, attention to detail, and cultural nuances, I ensure that your documents are translated with the utmost precision. Additionally, as part of my commitment to delivering the best results, I provide proofreading to guarantee your satisfaction.

20+ years of experience 

Millions of translated words

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Mgr. Martina Cabadová

About me

Experience and education

University of Constantine the Philosopher, Nitra
Faculty of Arts
Department of English and American Studies
Master’s degree in English language and literature (1998)

Translation for leading pharmaceutical companies that bring innovative treatments to the market (in particular SmPCs, patient leaflets, informed consents, protocol synopses, case report forms, research protocols, patient brochures, patient cards and diaries, patents, articles from medical journals, instructions for use, applications)

Translation of marketing and IT materials for global companies from petroleum, construction, banking and capital market industry, supranational trade networks, as well as Slovak ministries such as websites, operating manuals, marketing campaigns, codes of conduct, job descriptions, company price lists, terms and conditions of promotions, price increase letters, sales policies, etc.

Cooperation with a leading Slovak Publishing House (translation of books on life science topics)

Rich experience in translation of legal and business documents: employment contracts, insurance agreements, loan contracts, grant agreements, purchase agreements, management contracts, consortium agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, tender documents, notices, forms, public awareness campaigns, internal standard operational procedures, conflict of interest policies, codes of business conduct, anti-corruption guidelines, etc.

Rich experience in translation of social work documents for British authorities regarding Slovak citizens (case management orders, parenting assessments, court orders, care plans, Cafcass documents, child performance reports, emergency protection orders, letters of instruction, etc.)

Translation of EU materials: directives, regulations, European Parliament press releases and verbatim reports

Books translated by me:


To improve my translations, I utilize CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools like SDL Trados Studio, Phrase, Smartcat, Smartling and many more. A CAT tool is a software program that helps translators with various stages of the translation process. These tools for translation work are integrated systems for importing things like dictionaries, term bases, and reference documents and assist linguists in lots of time-consuming tasks, from retrieving past translations that can be reused to running quality assurance checks on the finished product. I don’t use machine translation like DeepL for completing my assignments due to missed context, cultural insensitivity and inability to replicate style and tone.


English - Slovak

Translation from English to Slovak and vice versa


Machine translation post-editing (MTPE)

Proofreading and revision

Proofreading and revision of Slovak texts


As a proprietor of a home office, I operate independently, without the need for subcontractors or the associated expenses of maintaining a staff and physical workspace. Instead, you directly compensate me for my translation services. However, when you entrust a translation task to a translation agency, it often entails a multi-step process involving several intermediaries (it often happens that until I am entrusted with a translation task, it is processed by 3 translation agencies), for which you bear the corresponding costs.

When estimating the costs, I consider various factors such as the word count of the source text, its complexity, your specified deadline, and the possibility of working during non-standard hours. Each project is unique, but rest assured that my pricing is fair and reasonable. Please note that on average, a translator can typically translate approximately 2,500 words or 10 standard pages per day.

Discounts can be given for substantial quantities, returning clients, and instances of recurring text. Upon establishing a regular client relationship, I will maintain a comprehensive database of past translations on your behalf to ensure consistency and uniformity.

Certified translations not available.

VAT non-payer.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to me to discuss your translation needs further.

Phone number

+421 903 233 494

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Iža 607, 94639 IŽA, Slovakia

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